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Building Operations Control Center

BOCC Staff

  • BOCC Commissioning Engineer (CxE)

    BOCC Commissioning Engineer (CxE)

    Develops, implements, and documents field functional test procedures (FTPs) and HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) checks based on available design documentation. Delivers reports and implements corrective actions with the power operator/air balance staff.

  • BOCC Operator

    BOCC Operator

    Performs FTPs. Verifies operator overrides, setpoints, schedules, sequence of operation validation against actuals to continually commission equipment. Optimizes systems and equipment through the Facility Management Control System (FMCS).

  • BOCC Sustainability Engineer (BSE)

    BOCC Sustainability Engineer (BSE)

    Reviews available design documentation and optimizes Sequence of Operation (SOO) for efficiency and reliability of equipment. Develops and implements FTPs, diagnostics, and performs system trend analysis to verify optimal operations. Provides recommendations for improved controls, sensors, and metering of systems to Building Engineers. Oversees the operation of the BOCC.

  • BOCC Intern(s)

    BOCC Intern(s)

    Assist in optimizing the overall portfolio of facilities, including: building automation systems (BAS), improve SOO, enhance graphics, and perform trend analysis.

  • Building Energy Analyst

    Building Energy Analyst

    Provides utility billing information against actual energy usage for benchmarking and analysis.

  • Building Engineers

    Building Engineers

    Approves testing for all FTPs and TAB work scopes, SOO optimization and FMCS programming modifications.

  • Building Manager

    Building Manager

    Establishes funding for maintenance and prioritizes work scopes.

  • Energy Manager

    Energy Manager

    Provides overall program description and execution.

  • FMCS Specialist

    FMCS Specialist

    Programs controllers with improved SOO and diagnostics. Designs graphical interface for users. Validates sensors and calculations from BOCC with power operator/air balance field support. Troubleshoots systems, trends and programming in the BOCC.

  • Power Operator WTL

    Power Operator WTL

    Assigns work activities for power operator/air balance staff from BOCC.

  • Power Operator/Air Balance

    Power Operator/Air Balance

    Sets testing configurations for HVAC, labs (heating/cooling mode). Performs FTPs and TAB checks and in-field FTPs. Performs TAB corrective actions as needed (air/hydronic balancing and sensor calibration).

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