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Sensors support real-time monitoring and troubleshooting for corrective actions, continuous commissioning and re-tuning of building systems, condition-based preventative maintenance (i.e. maintenance as-needed), and identification of priority energy-saving measures. When combined with building-level controllers and software that organizes the data, sensors can enable intelligent buildings that measure, sense and adapt to changing building conditions. When implemented as part of an intelligent building system, sensors have the potential to help reduce operating costs, save energy, increase building system reliability, and improve occupant comfort.

space-temperature sensors Space-temperature sensors

Space-temperature sensors (wireless) installed in all building spaces help to monitor and regulate HVAC-system efficiency and comfort

demand-based ventilation sensors Demand-based ventilation sensors

Demand-based ventilation sensors trigger the introduction of fresh air into spaces by monitoring CO2 levels. They can also monitor volatile organic compounds when needed.

Air filter differential-pressure sensors Air filter differential-pressure sensors

Air filter differential-pressure sensors signal when filters are becoming plugged and need to be replaced. Timely replacement improves HVAC efficiency and reduces costs.

Discharge-temperature sensors Discharge-temperature sensors

Discharge-temperature sensors measure temperatures entering and leaving heating or cooling equipment, assisting with troubleshooting and automatic diagnostics.

BTU-metering sensors BTU-metering sensors

BTU-metering sensors monitor the heating/cooling load on a building to measure the efficiency of boilers and/or chillers, as well as water flow.

CT/Status sensors CT/Status sensors

CT/Status sensors indicate whether or not equipment has actually responded when turned on or off, and used as a sub-meter.

Occupancy Sensors Occupancy sensors

Occupancy Sensors provide feedback to shutoff lights, setback temperatures and airflow in unoccupied labs and offices.

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