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Building Operations Control Center (BOCC)

Real-Time Commissioning

The BOCC staff monitors data to optimize energy, extend asset life, and enhance the reliability and efficiency of PNNL's campus by communicating directly with building engineers throughout the campus.

The BOCC staff performs "real-time commissioning" in order to satisfy energy and water audits, metering, and commissioning requirements in the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007.

  • Perform functional tests on equipment to validate sequence of operation.
  • Validate automatic diagnostics of equipment when fault is detected.
  • Perform trending on data points to understand the equipment operation.
  • Perform Diagnostic Monitoring and Trend Verification of Systems continuously.
  • Perform annual Testing Adjusting & Balancing (TAB) Checks and Field FTPs (Power Operators/Air Balance).
  • All Real-Time Commissioning Data stored on share site for access by Building Engineers, Power Operators/Air Balance, and Design Engineers.
  • Track New Construction, Major Renovations and implement into Real-Time Commissioning Program.
  • Support Project Work as needed with regard to Air Balance and Commissioning (as needed).
  • Provide RT-Cx Daily/Weekly Reports to Core Team Power Operators capturing real-time commissioning data.
    • Overview of Core Teams operations.
    • Trending Analysis and Diagnostic Monitoring overviews from previous 24 hours.
    • Energy use data.
    • Field Functional Test results.
    • Issues List items (no- and low-cost).
    • Any TAB Field Data acquired.
    • Any Project Cx/TAB Data.
    • RCx findings.
  • Field operation capability using tablet technology.

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